The Marina where the event will be is located in the village of Råå, just south of Helsingborg.

There are several different options for accommodations. 

Hotel and conference Sundsgården 

Located just 400 metres away from the Marina.

Special price and arrangements for Europe-class sailors and families.

To get the special price following booking instruction has to be followed:

  1. Bookong should be made by e-mail to or
    by phone to +46 42 193800 or +46 42 193813.
  2. You must specify that you are to participate in the Europe Class World Championship.
  3. You have to provid name, phone number and e-mail to the person making the booking and name on all additional guests you are making the booking for
  4. The preferred type of room, date of arrival and date of departure.
  5. The booking has to be for at least 5 nights in order to recieve the discounted price, if a shorter stay is booke there will be an additional cost of 25 SEK per person and night.

Price per room, all prices includes breakfast and dinner in the evening.

Single room 750 SEK

Double room, in the building Ven 1100 SEK, additional cost for a child sleeping at floor mattress is 250 SEK

Double room, in the main building (just renovated) 1200 SEK, additional cost for a child sleeping at floor mattress is 250 SEK

Camping ground/Cottages

Located about 1000 metres north of the Marina.

Parking for Mobile homes/Caravans

There will we arranged parking at the Marina premesis just 300 metres north of the Marina.

Details and booking instructions will come shortly

Accommodations Helsingborg in general

In Helsingborg, 10 km north of the Marina there are many options for accommodations.

Location and Accommodations